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Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian cities. It is famous for its 12 th century white stone cathedrals, which are included in the List of UNESCO Heritage Rare Monuments. These monuments are described in scientific books; their images are published in numerous colorful photo albums. We would like to show you our beloved city from a different perspective.

Our photo exhibition “Vladimir and Vladimirians” is an attempt to show the viewer not only ancient monuments of architecture which we are proud of and treasure, but also the life of our city, the life of ordinary people and the citizens' interests. We believe people all over the world have common interests; they have the same perception of beauty; they have similar love for their city, their country, their family. This love unites different peoples and serves as the basis for life everywhere on the Earth. These ideas are expressed in our photos.




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13 мая 2014 года Владимирская Ассоциация принимала гостей из Иллинойского Государственного Университета в сопровождении представителя Ассоциации Блумингтона-Нормала Карен Деннис. Встреча прошла в тёплой дружественной атмосфере.

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